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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Getting healthy with Tupperware?

So I've started working finally and I only get a half-hour for lunch. Even though we have an awesome break room with a stove, fridge, and a microwave a half-hour isn't really that much time to make something to eat, eat it, and clean up. And rather than getting Taco Bell everyday (which I would LOVE to do) it's not the healthiest choice.

I've been bringing my lunches to work with me. Tuna w/lemon juice (it's so yummy!), saltine crackers, and a piece of fruit are the healthy choice that's easiest for me. But I don't exactly have the greatest containers to take stuff to work in. I think that having the right containers for my lunch will make me much more likely to keep taking it. I tend to get frustrated when I don't have the right tools for the job, and after a while I just give up. But with this little set I will have all the right tools! And when one of the guys asks if I would like anything for lunch I can say "No I brought my own". So I don't have to feel guilty about eating whatever fast food the guys are getting that day.

So to get the right tools to keep my diet on track I decided to have a Tupperware party. I love their lunch bag sets - I'm going to get this one:

I've been taking juice with me to work instead of drinking pop all day. I know there's still sugar in it, but I feel much better about drinking some V8 fusion or splash then another can of Coca-Cola. Plus I've been wanting to get the Beach Body Shakeology. This will make it much easier to transport to work. And I can still have my juice in the morning and rinse it out and make my shake in the afternoon.

I am having a Tupperware party, and if you'd like to get this lunch set from my show you can shop here. One thing I love about Tupperware is that if you order online you can get the items shipped directly to you! How awesome is that. I know with other direct sales companies you have to pay extra to get online orders shipped to the customer... So this is an awesome feature with Tupperware.

And if you want to have your own online show and get this great little lunch set for free you can visit my consultant's web site. Just let her know that Jennifer DeFoy sent you over. She's awesome and will make sure you get as much free stuff as you can from your show!

I will keep you posted as to how the lunch thing is going when I get this set. So far it's been a week and a half of work and I only ate "garbage" one day. And it was a sub - no sauce, no cheese. I was so proud of myself!

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  1. Are you still doing it? I hope you're continuing working towards a healthier you.

    Did you ever get the Shakeology? I love it. If you don't have a coach, I'd love to help you get some. Visit my website at I've posted some stuff about it on my blog at as well.

    The little lunch set looks really cute! I'm sure you're party is already over, though. Do you like it?